We're now delivering to....

You asked and we've delivered, literally! FreshChoice Westport now offers delivery to a range of towns.

Towns currently available for delivery are as follows:

  • Westport
  • Carters Beach
  • Granity
  • Hector
  • Karamea
  • Reefton
  • Waimangaroa 

A range of delivery windows are available, and you can view these during the order process or view all options here.

Want delivery to a suburb not listed? Please contact us to discuss.

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Location & Contact

18 Fonblanque Street, Westport
New Zealand • 7825

(03) 789 8546 | online@freshchoicewestport.com

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7:00 am - 9:00 pm
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Due to supply chain disruption, some of your favourite products may temporarily be unavailable.
Tick ‘Substitutes are OK’ and we’ll find you a suitable replacement if your chosen product is out of stock.

Thanks for your understanding & apologies for the inconvenience.